Damien Perez


Damien Perez was born in 1972 with a yearning that pushed him towards the world of comics, where he could have fun in a thousand different ways. He has worked as a journalist for BoDoï, Vécu, Casemate, Tchô ! and as an interviewer and editor for Le Journal Spirou. Being a father of four with an interest in transmitting knowledge, he founded and directed Groom, a magazine deciphering current events for children in the form of comics. The biggest names in the profession, as well as public figures from all walks of life, participated in the creation a few issues that were widely read and talked about, before Groom came to an end in 2017. Perez was also the editor of a Méga Spirou edition dedicated to Gaston (2018), a project that gave him the opportunity to meet Nobel Prize winners, politicians, authors, and actors, all fans of Franquin’s character. He has also edited a few albums for Dupuis, including Deathfix, by Nix and Benus and Complotistes, by Fabrice Erre and Jorge Bernstein. As a writer, he has created several albums, including I.N.R.I - L'enquête, with Denis Falque and Didier Convard (Glénat), the series L'Ordre du chaos, with Sophie Ricaume (Delcourt), and CityZen, (Dupuis; Europe Comics in English) a science-fictional and ecological one-shot with the singer Jain, Léa Galice, Marcial Toledano, and José Robledo. In his spare time, he also participates in round tables and drawing battles in various comic festivals in France and Belgium.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)