Olivier Jouvray


Olivier Jouvray has realized that being a good scriptwriter means knowing a little about everything. Which he certainly does—after studying communication, the humanities, and linguistics, he started his career as a photographer. He then worked as a graphic artist and web designer. In 1999, he decided to carry out a creative project of his own, so alongside his brother he formed the KCS studio. Thanks to his brother, he discovered the world of comic authors and found his calling as a storyteller. His first comics were created in collaboration with his brother and sister-in-law, who handled the artwork and colors, respectively. Together they created the series Lincoln (Paquet). His ability to mix different styles has led him to undertake many other collaborations and publications, just as the KCS studio has brought together the best comics creators in Lyon. There Olivier met Fred Salsedo, with whom he created Nous ne serons jamais des héros (Le Lombard), followed by the dystopian series Le Royaume des Aveugles (Le Lombard; Kingdom of the Blind, Europe Comics).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)