Frédérik Salsedo


Born in Annecy, Frédérik Salsedo studied at the Emile Cohl School in Lyon and began his career working in animation. He collaborated on productions like La Prophétie des Grenouilles (2001) by J.-R. Girerd, and in 2003 he made his debut in comics with Art Tatum, a jazz comic published by Nocturne. In 2005 he published a book about James Brown, also with Nocturne, and between 2005 and 2008 he created five volumes of the pirate series Ratafia with Nicolas Pothier at Treize Étrange. Together with Olivier Jouvray, he published the graphic novel Nous ne serons jamais des héros (Le Lombard, 2010), followed by the dystopian series Le Royaume des Aveugles (Le Lombard; Kingdom of the Blind, Europe Comics).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)