Malo Kerfriden


Malo Kerfriden was born in the Breton town of Redon in western France. His grandfather was the writer Pierre-Jakez Hélias and his father was an editor of the Breton comics fanzine Frilouz. He studied literature and the plastic arts in Rennes and during this period he contributed to the Rennes-based fanzine Atchoum alongside authors like Pascal Bertho, David Chauvel, Jérôme Lereculey, Fred Simon, and Joub. By 1994 he joined a fine arts atelier based in Angoulême where he stayed for three years, while also playing and recording with the band The Lost Minds. He returned to Rennes in 1997, where he started the Twin Peaks atelier with Lionel Chouin and Marc-Antoine Boidin, two of his former Angoulême colleagues. Hervé Boivin and Isabelle Cochet also later joined the studios. He started the Quarterback series with writer David Chauvel in 2000, published by Delcourt until 2003. His next project was the fantasy series KGB with scriptwriter Valérie Mangin published by Quadrants from 2006 to 2010. Kerfriden later created the first book in the thriller series Traffic alongside Alexis Robin for Bamboo in 2009, followed by the horror series La Rage with Pierre Boisserie in 2011 for 12bis. In 2012, he and Richard Marazano began work on the two-part thriller Otaku Blue, for Dargaud (Europe Comics in English).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)