Grégory Panaccione

Artist & Scriptwriter

Grégory Panaccione always wanted to draw. Ever since his father brought him home his first issue of "Pif Gadget," he knew that when he grew up he'd write comics. At age 14, he entered the prestigious Ecole Estienne, where he learned the rudiments of drawing, graphic design, and engraving. He then pursued his studies at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he refined his mastery of human morphology. After a short, frustrating experience in the world of advertising, he moved to animation, working for several years as a storyboard artist for Story. At the same time, he began creating comics for the French publisher Delcourt. He has published numerous comics and graphic novels, highlights of which include the much-celebrated "Un Océan d'amour" (with Wilfrid Lupano, 2015), "Chronosquad" (with Giorgio Albertini, 2016), and "Minivip & Supervip" (with Bruno Bozzetto, 2018). He has also published several books as author and illustrator, such as "Un été sans maman" (2019) and "Toajêne" (2020). Today he lives in Milan, where he continues to experiment with various drawing techniques, namely automatic writing, which consists in skipping any preparatory sketchwork in an attempt to retain maximum expressiveness.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)