Gorobei is from Brittany (France). He traveled a lot during his youth, including eight years in Africa before returning to France, followed by three years in Singapore, before finally landing in Toulouse. In 2006 he decided to give his passion a chance by studying the applied arts for a year at the Pivaut School in Nantes. After working hard to make a place for himself in the comic book market, he asserted his style and finally got his first job. Starting in 2008, he began working as an illustrator for DofusMag, Wakfu Mag, Tchô Mag, and many others. He also contributed to the website 30 jours de BD, through which he developed Square & Soup (published by Atypique Éditions), alongside Damien Gay. This allowed him to be approached by Makaka Éditions and Shuky, with whom he created his first book in 2012 (Pirates, Diary of a Hero), and with whom he continues to collaborate on various works. He succeeded in making a place for himself at Dupuis with Bushido (Dupuis 2019) and Lolicornes (Dupuis 2021; Loonicorns, Europe Comics), in collaboration with Ced and Waltch.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)