Federica Di Meo


Federica started creating fan art of her favorite manga characters in the mid-90s. Her passion began with Ranma 1/2 and Takahashi, but she also enjoyed switching between many different styles, including Berserk, Full Metal Panic!, Slam Dunk, Monster, Witch Hat Atelier, Spy x Family, and many others. She was among the first in Italy to study the manga technique, starting in 2005. After years of study and a trip to Japan in 2013 for further improvement, her series Somnia was published by Planet Manga, a series which is soon to be released in France. She recently worked on two books published in 2022, Oneira for Kana (Europe Comics in English), a dark fantasy series written by Cab with four volumes in the first arc, and the comic fantasy Luminys Quest with Glénat.

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: Kana ()