Michel Dufranne


We know Michel Dufranne from his TV and radio reports (RTBF and La Première). This bookworm is an expert in sub-genres such as crime fiction, thrillers and sci-fi, but when it comes to comic books, he goes all out on all things informative or history-related. We live in a complicated world. It's not easy to understand it, but we can try. And these days, comic books are a great way of doing just that. Using this medium that he adores, he's getting involved in more and more collaborations to share his astoundingly varied knowledge. From the Bible, to football, and not forgetting the Napoleonic wars, Voltaire and Dracula, there's no subject he shies away from, treating each and every one with the intelligence and understanding it deserves. It was high time he talked to us about Femen (Le Lombard 2014, Europe Comics 2016).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)