Clément C. Fabre

Artist & Scriptwriter

After working in the film industry as a grip for seven years, Clément switched to comics, first online (blogs, 24 Hours of Comics, festiblogs) and then on paper, with the 2012 Le Banc de touche (written by Martin Page and published by Warum). Following that, he wrote a children's book, Le Mystère des papas (Gallimard jeunesse) and co-created many others: with Olivier Milhaud (Explicite / Ed. Delcourt), Joseph Safieddine (Salade Tomate Oignon / Ed. Vide Cocagne), Fabien Grolleau (Le Chantier / Ed. Marabulle) and Aymeric Mantoux & Benoist Simmat (Révolutionnaires / Ed. Robinson).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: (Belgium)