Marc Bourgne


Marc Bourgne knew very early on that he'd be a comic book creator, but being as enamored with history as he is with storytelling, he started off by doing an MA in history at the Sorbonne. He even worked as a teacher for a few months, before he was spotted by Dargaud and asked to contribute to the Génération éponyme collection. He wrote and illustrated Être libre, a book about two teenagers growing up in the US, his go-to backdrop. This series soon got him recognized as one of the new masters of realism, to the extent that he was entrusted with illustrating the continuation of Barbe Rouge. But he missed writing his own stories, so, while still continuing his work on Barbe Rouge, he created Frank Lincoln, which gave him the chance to illustrate the backdrops of Alaska, which he'd studied for his thesis. Ever since, Bourgne has alternated between writing and illustration. As an avid historian and comic book fan, he's just as able to recite the life events of Charles I as he is to illustrate the latest exploits of Michel Vaillant (Dupuis/Europe Comics), I.R.$ All-Watcher and I.R.$ Team (Le Lombard). As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Graton ()