Save me Pythia

Save me Pythia V5

Script by Elsa Brants - Art by Elsa Brants

Back in Ancient Greece, not only have the Gods lost their powers, but the Titans—their vengeful ancestors—have escaped from prison. It’s all Xanthos’s fault. He may be Zeus’s son, but he has a knack for doing the wrong thing—despite warnings from Pythia, the beautiful young oracle who can predict only disaster. So now, the Titans’ ruthless leader, Cronus, who devoured his own children to stop them usurping him, is threatening to take over the world. Pythia and Xanthos have finally gotten their act together, but can they defeat Cronus or will he turn them into scroll-ends?

”Save Me, Pythia is 100% what you’d want from a manga set in ancient Greece.” Comics Bastards