Episode 2

Script by Juan Díaz Canales, Teresa Valero - Art by Antonio Lapone

A deeply touching story spanning three decades, relating the American dream from a woman’s perspective!

1940s New York. Navit and Arch, a couple of young artists, lead a frugal life together in Brooklyn. While Arch desperately seeks work as an illustrator, Navit goes to work at a cabaret owned by billionaire H. W. Powell, who wastes little time in staking his claim to her. Distraught, Arch flees New York to join the front lines of the war in Europe… Shortly thereafter, upon Powell’s death, Navit is left at the head of “Gentlemind,” an old-fashioned men’s magazine. A feminist ahead of her time, Navit seizes her chance to reshape “Gentlemind” and bring it into the national spotlight, with the help of the eloquent and seductive lawyer Waldo Trigo. However, despite the passing years, Navit is still haunted by the memory of Arch. And she must face a rapidly changing society that’s threatening to spell an end to her newfound magazine empire…