4. Yannis

Script by Pierre-Paul Renders, Denis Lapière - Art by Adrián Huelva

“My name is Yannis. I’m going crazy knowing that the bodies of my parents and sister are lying on a bed in our apartment in Marseille. I couldn’t bury them and now their ghosts are haunting me. Rival gangs have taken over the city and reduced it to chaos. My friend R.V. died in my arms after they shot him in the head. All I have left is my dog, Happy. My last hope is Khronos and his promise to take us back in time and stop all this from happening. I’m going to the meeting to undo the unthinkable.”

You choose which volume to read first. The first four are parallel stories, so it doesn’t matter which one you start with. But you must finish with Khronos, where the four threads are finally brought together.