Ken Games

2. Paper

Script by José Manuel Robledo - Art by Marcial Toledano

This is the second round of this hard-hitting series centered on three friends, all with something to hide. This time, we’re zooming in on Mr. TJ Paper, who passes himself off as a banker, while he’s actually raking it in on the gambling scene. And now he’s got himself into a televised poker tournament, but will his lucky streak see him through a competition of this level? In the meantime, TJ’s girlfriend, Anne and his best friend, Rock, run into each other again in even more surprising circumstances, and the bond they established previously strengthens even further, perhaps too far… to the extent that Rock even starts making big sacrifices in his own life. And all the while, there’s Louviers, the love of Anne’s life, lurking in the background, a constant reminder of the danger and violence she wants to leave behind.

“Man oh man does our story get complicated! The drama is thick in this volume of Ken Games, but most it comes towards the end setting up the final volume which I can only imagine is going to be spectacular.” Comic Bastards