1. An Ocean of Stone

Script by Matz - Art by Philippe Xavier

He used to play a dangerous game, running cash for the mob. Now he calls himself Tango, and he lives in a little village rising like a small island out of the rocky sea of the Andes. He’s made a few friends since he arrived, with whom he’s got a lot in common: they’ve all got secrets from their past, and they’re not exactly who they say they are. One by one, their secrets are revealed in a storm of violence when old friends come knocking, demanding past debts be paid. High up in the Bolivian hills, a mountain community is once again upended by the arrival of strangers and the troubles they seem to bring with them.

“The Tango series is perfectly escapist comics, with plenty of welcome cinematic parallels.” Women Write About Comics

“The first thing that strikes you in this comic is the art. Rolling vistas of mountains and it all looks amazing. This scenery could be stills from a western!” Three Million Tears