Guillaume Bouzard


Guillaume Bouzard was born in 1968 in Paris. He created his fanzine “Caca bémol” in 1986 and worked on many independent publications. He studied the fine arts and worked with such newspapers as “Libération,” “L'Express,” and “Le Monde.” His works have been published by Les Requins Marteaux, Six Pieds Sous Terre, Fluide Glacial, and Dargaud. In 2017, he created his own “Lucky Luke” album (Lucky Comics), and in 2019 he completed a collaborative work with Antonio Fischetti, “La Planète des sciences” (Dargaud; “Planet of Science,” Europe Comics), a collection of biographies of some of history’s brightest scientific minds.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)