30 Days Till Xmas

30 Days till Xmas – Season 1

Script by Massimo Semerano, Luana Vergari - Art by Massimo Semerano

Your best friend killed herself. Your father is lying to you. You don’t know what the truth is. But you have to find out, and you only have 30 days to do it! To make matter worse, your mother has a new boyfriend who’s an idiot and whose son is in your math class. Your name is Isolde, you’re 12 years old, your best friend Margoten is dead because of a secret, your “perfect” father, a big shot TV producer, does not live in New York like he claims to, and you’re constantly getting into arguments with your mom. You don’t have a choice: you need to know the truth. And the 30 days between now and Christmas are all the time you have to find out the truth. That’s one month filled with Nazi gangs with moose heads, a homeless man who’s actually the King of the Reindeer Kingdom, a trip to the land of showbiz that doesn’t end well, a homicide, and an unacceptable truth that explodes at the end. Luckily, your friend Sushi is always there for you. With him at your side, you can safely say farewell to childhood.