Vincent Mallié


Vincent Mallié was born in Paris on April 24, 1973. After a baccalaureate in economics, he decides to devote himself to history, on the benches of the faculty of Jussieu. A vocation which lasts only a few months, since his love of drawing quickly pushes him towards the École supérieure des arts graphiques of Paris where, from 1992, Mallié trains in advertising design. In 1998, Vincent Mallié makes his debut in comics with the series Hong Kong Triad (Éditions Le Téméraire) created with his high school friend Joël Parnotte. Pre-published in the magazine Golem, this series is taken over by Éditions Soleil, where the duo then creates Les Aquanautes (2000-2006). Still with Soleil, Vincent later works on the series L'Arche, with a script by Jérôme Félix. The young artist demonstrates a beautiful capacity of adaptating to all narrative universes, as well as being effective without conceding anything to the aestheticism. At the beginning of his career, Vincent also works in cinema as a story-boarder and trainee-decorator. In 2007, Mallié starts a collaboration with the renowned Régis Loisel, who writes the saga Le Grand Mort (Éditions Vents d'Ouest) with Jean-Blaise Djian. This series with Breton atmospheres, at the same time post-apocalyptic, ecological, and fantastical, quickly seduces a wide public, all the while imposing the precise and shimmering semi-realistic illustrations of Mallié. More than a "Great Death," it is a great birth: that of a remarkable artist whose illustrations become as appreciated as they are identifiable. The series comes to an end in 2019, after eight volumes. In 2010, Loisel and Le Tendre offer Mallié a new and prestigious playground with the resumption of La Quête de l’oiseau du temps. Mallié, in charge of illustrating the series from volume 7, La Voie du Rige, gives a new dimension to a character that has become legendary, particularly highlighted in breathtaking natural compositions. In 2013, Mallié illustrates Le Chevalier Bragon, volume 8 of the saga, before passing the torch to David Etien. In 2021, Mallié joins Éditions Dupuis and the collection Aire Libre with Ténébreuse (In Shadows, Europe Comics in English), a splendid medieval diptych scripted by the late Hubert (Peau d'homme). Mallié, in service of this epic and powerful feminist tale, once again lets other facets of his talent shine. And there may well be much more up his sleeve... In parallel to his activities as a comic book artist, Vincent Mallié is an accomplished painter, exhibited at Christie's, Maghen, La Main Blanche, and at the 9e Art gallery.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)