Boris Talijancic


Boris Talijanjic is a freelance journalist born in Croatia. When he was a year old, he left for South America with his family, and that’s where he discovered comic books. Since then, they have been a key part of his life. A few years later, the family returned to Croatia, where Boris went on to study law and the fine arts. Back in Europe, he became acquainted with Franco-Belgian comic books, and after a variety of jobs, he dedicated himself to his greatest love: drawing. He set to work on comic books, published illustrations, and humorous drawings in newspapers and magazines, as well as illustrating children’s books. Together with scriptwriter Sylvain Runberg, he launched the series Hammerfall with Dupuis in 2007 (Europe Comics in English), taking great pleasure in drawing Vikings as realistically as possible.

Country of origin: Croatia Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)