Jeanne Puchol


Given their shared interests, Jeanne Puchol was bound to one day cross paths with Laurent Galandon. Puchol, a comics illustrator and author for the last thirty years, has published something in the region of thirty books with various themes in common, such as offering an alternative vision of women in the notoriously masculine world of the ninth art. She's also covered the life of a modern-day singleton in collaboration with Anne Baraou (Judette Camion), the story of a female butcher during the Spanish inquisition (La Bouchère), and then, with Valérie Mangin, she created her version of the Maid of Orléans, otherwise known as Joan of Arc, that most famous of "witches" (Moi, Jeanne d'Arc). Following Charonne-Bou Kadir, a tale about an emblematic time and place for which she was awarded the Artémisia prize in 2013, it seemed natural for Jeanne Puchol to pursue her work on non-fictional memoires with Vivre à en mourir (Le Lombard 2014; The Red Poster, Europe Comics 2016).

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)