Marta Alonso Berná

Artist & Scriptwriter

Although she was born in Barcelona, for most of her life Marta Alonso Berná has lived in Madrid. Her taste for traveling, which began when she visited Venezuela when she was five years old, has led her to try several cities: Mallorca, Angoulême (France), New York, Berlin, Granada... Since her childhood, she has been a cartoonist and an avid comic book reader. Over the years, she has worked in many fields, such as programming, graphic design and illustration. She is a technical engineer in computer science, holds a degree in Fine Arts and a master's degree in computer animation. Some time ago she made two animated short films, one of which was selected at the Future Film Festival in Bologna. As a sculptor she has been featured in solo and group exhibits in Brazil, Miami, Berlin and Madrid, and as a comic strip artist she has won awards in Almería, Guipúzcoa and Madrid. She currently lives in a town on the Castilian meseta, Olmedo, where she created her first graphic novel, Memories of a Crappy Pooch (Dibbuks; Europe Comics in English) which is now in its second edition.

Country of origin: Spain Europe Comics Publisher: DIBBUKS EDICIONES (Spain)