Mario Boon

Artist & Scriptwriter

Mario Boon, born and raised in Sint-Truiden (Belgium), studied graphic design and illustration in Ghent. There he met the love of his life, and still lives in Ghent today. He started his career as a freelance illustrator for the newspaper De Morgen and publishing house De Eenhoorn. In 1999, his first children’s books and comics were published. Mario then worked in advertising for a short period, before he joined the ranks of Studio 100 as a comic book artist for two years. Since 2002, he has worked as a self-employed comic book artist and illustrator. Over the years, he has made thousands of illustrations for children’s and educational books that have been published in ten countries on four continents. In recent years, he has spent his days working on Doomsday, a comic book series that has been featured in P-Magazine. In 2019, alongside Dr. Luc Colemont, he co-authored John, a graphic novel on the importance of early colon cancer detection (Ballon; Europe Comics in English).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Ballon Comics (Belgium)