Born in Brussels in 1956, Magda Seron has always dreamed of making comics, but was initially afraid to believe it was her destiny. This is why she began by imposing upon herself an intensive apprenticeship. While she studied the classical arts, becoming familiar with the most varied forms of expression (advertising, painting, fashion design, document layout, etc.), she practiced her passion with devotion, copying frame by frame the old classics. After a few years in advertising she moved to Namur in 1977, going to work in the studio of Édouard Aidans, collaborating on lettering, coloring, and other related jobs. She soon began to publish on her own, first with Tumak in the daily Vers l’avenir, and then with the adventure series Marie Meuse et Gilles Roux in the weekly Tintin, alongside writer Chris Lamquet. The year 1990 marked a turning point in Magda's career, as she adopted a new style, began working with the magazine Spirou, and started work on Charly, an adventure series written by Denis Lapière. More recently, she has contributed to the long-running thriller Sherman (Le Lombard; Europe Comics in English), illustrating volumes 7 and 8, with scriptwriter Stephen Desberg.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)