Andrés Leiva

Artist & Scriptwriter

Andrés G. Leiva was born in Córdoba (Argentina) in 1969. He has a degree in fine arts, and has worked for twenty years as a drawing teacher. He discovered the world of comics in the mid-eighties. In the newsstands of the era, he read the groundbreaking works of authors such as Corben, Bernet, Carlos Giménez, Moebius, Bilal, Mattotti, Das Pastoras, Prado and a long et cetera. Andrés can be considered part of the "Injuve generation," since in 1998 he was awarded with a second prize in the inaugural Injuve Comic Contest, which would lead him to be published by Sinsentido. In 2018, he published for Dibbuks "Uno de esos días" ("One of Those Days"), translated in English through Europe Comics in 2020.

Country of origin: Spain Europe Comics Publisher: DIBBUKS EDICIONES (Spain)