Dimitris Kerasidis


Dimitris Kerasidis (born in Thessaloniki in 1953) is a political and sports cartoonist. He has collaborated with a variety of newspapers and magazines, such as "Thessaloniki," "Egnatia," and "Aggelioforos." He has also participated in international cartoon exhibitions and was selected on his second attempt for the Japanese "Yomiuri Shimbun" award under the theme "Man-Woman 1980," in a contest organized by the then-largest newspaper in circulation in the West (3,000,000 copies per day). He has written and illustrated four books about the Labors of Hercules, as well as the children's trilogy "The Adventures of Ananias and Zacharias." They were followed by "The Forest That Would Become Paper" and "Igileon the Chameleon." He has also been interested in the art of animation, with the award-winning short film "The Escape" (1983). In 2012, the year of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Thessaloniki, he wrote and illustrated the photo book "History of Thessaloniki, 1912-2012," and in 2014 he released the book "It's a Crisis, Will It Pass?" with caricatures about the financial crisis. Most recently, he has published the graphic novel "The Famous Quartet of Piraeus" (Mikros Iros; Europe Comics in English), alongside writer Giorgos Skabardonis.

Country of origin: Greece Europe Comics Publisher: Mikros Iros (Greece)