A visionary or a seer? From his hut lost in the sugar cane fields of Reunion Island, Hippolyte continues creating new worlds while frequently bearing witness to ours. As a magnificent author, his graphic novels are often saluted by both critics and the public. For example, he has created Dracula (Glénat), Le Maître de Ballantrae (Denoël Graphic), La Fantaisie des Dieux (Les Arènes), and, most recently, Les Ombres (The Shadows) and Incroyable! (Incredible!), both alongside scriptwriter Zabus (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English). He is a sharp observer of contemporary society, an activist, and a traveler. He works with several newspapers and magazines, such as “Le Monde” or “L'obs” and has frequently illustrated reports for the magazine "XXI." For example, he published Les enfants de Kinshasa, for which he became the first comics author nominated for the prestigious Albert Londres Prize. Passionate about music and travels, over the last few years Hippolyte has also established himself as a prodigious poster designer. For example, he has created a series dedicated to international rock stars via his collective called Contrebande, as well as another series inspired by Reunion Island's greatest landmarks, published through his editorial structure L'Affiche d'une Île.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)