Grégoire Carlé


Born on July 14, 1984 in Strasbourg, Grégoire Carlé is a full-time author of graphic novels and comics. The suburb he grew up in, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, is known to French bande dessinée figures Blutch and Catel; perhaps this was a sign! He obtained diplomas from the Arts Décoratifs school in Strasbourg in 2007, and then began working with the independent publisher L'Association on the trilogy Baku (2008 to 2010), La Nuit du capricorne (2013), Philoctète et les femmes (2014) and Trou zombie (2018). Grégoire Carlé is constantly experimenting with genres and styles, always surprising his readers by showing up where they least expect him. In 2017 he began collaborating for the cinema, and worked on A Tale of Two Arthurs  (Dupuis in French, 2019; Europe Comics, 2020) with scriptwriter Nine Antico.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dupuis (Belgium)