Flavia Biondi

Artist & Scriptwriter

Flavia Biondi was born in Castelfiorentino, Italy, in 1988. After an initial diploma in the arts and a three-year degree in comics and illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, she began to collaborate with various self-produced labels. In 2012, together with seven colleagues, she founded the label Manticora Autoproduzioni, which published its first anthology, Sindrome, the same year. After being singled out for her talents by the Komikazen 2011 competition, she collaborated with the publishing house Renbooks on the creation of her first full-length work, Barba di Perle, published in December 2012. With Manticora in 2013 she created Tenebre, together with her colleague Francesco de Stena, and participated in the group's second anthology, Feral Children (2014). Also in 2014, with Renbooks, she published L'orgoglio di Leone, an LGBT graphic novel set in Siena, Rome, and Genoa. In 2015, for BAO Publishing, she published the graphic novel La generazione (Generations), followed in 2017 by La giusta mezura (Just Enough).

Country of origin: Italy Europe Comics Publisher: BAO Publishing (Italy)