Mathieu Demore


Mathieu Demore was born in Saint-Étienne. He was destined to become an artist from an early age, attedning both La Martinière Terreaux and the Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême before going to the École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. He now lives in Nantes where he shares a studio, Oasis 4000, with other talented artists. Both an author and an illustrator, he works mainly in the domain of children's literature. He illustrated the novel Tricot d'amour written by Karin Serres and published by Rouergue (2010). His most recent work includes the first volume of Menji (Dargaud, 2022; Europe Comics in English), written by Fabien Grolleau, an initiatory adventure in a wacky universe inspired by Japanese fantasy!

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud (France)