Aurélien Ducoudray


Having graduated from high school with a diploma in economics, Aurélien Ducoudray worked as a journalist before finally starting his career as a scriptwriter. Criss-crossing the globe armed with his notepad and pen, Ducoudray has produced reports for various media, both photographic and for television. His start in the comics field dates back to 2010. Since then he has seen his work published by Futuropolis (several one-shots, including "Championzé" with E. Vaccaro and "La Faute aux Chinois" with F. Ravard), as well as "The Grocery" with publisher Ankama and "Amère Russie" (Bitter Russia) with publisher Grand Angle. In 2015, with Le Lombard, he had the privilege of contributing to the rebirth of one of the most eminent figures in Franco-Belgian comics, with "Bob Morane: Renaissance," alongside author Luc Brunschwig and artist Dimitri Armand. He later teamed up with Mini Ludvin to create "Yézidie!", the story of a strong-willed girl and her family during the 2014 Yazidi genocide published by Dupuis ("Yazidi!" in English, Europe Comics, 2023).

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)