1. The Uprooted

Script by Fred Duval, Frédéric Blanchard - Art by Emem, Frédéric Blanchard

Swänn and Sätie were born on Näkän, a major planet in the Complex, a federation of extraterrestrial civilizations. The young couple hoped to live a peaceful life in an environment where nature and technology coexist in balance. But they are forced to mobilize when the leaders of the Complex decide to launch a vast expedition to save a planet that has exhausted its resources: Earth.

Renaissance V1 is brimming with mature ideas that aren’t grounded in tired tropes or genre sensationalism, but rather in service of credible drama that is bolstered by Emem’s full realization of the planet of Nakan and the culture that lives on it, as well as the crumbling Earth that turns out to be the stage not for over-the-top spectacle, but for more quiet, interpersonal discovery between inhabitants from different worlds.” The Comics Beat