African Trilogy

3. A Little Piece of Her

Script by Zidrou - Art by Raphaël Beuchot

Yu Kiang works for a Chinese lumberjack corporation in the Congo. Despite his company’s ban on its employees from frequenting the local girls, Yu has fallen for a Congolese woman, Antoinette… and, in a very different way, for Antoinette’s little daughter, Marie-Léontine. One night, in the arms of his lover, Yu discovers Antoinette’s wound: a terrible scar, an assault on her femininity. How many others are there like her, exiled from their own body, victims of a monstrous ongoing tradition? How many? 150 million. But the only thing that matters to Yu and Antoinette is that little Marie-Léontine never falls victim to the tradition that her mother had to suffer.

“Overall, a moving love story which will have you both crying, rooting for our heroes, and falling in love with this couple and her daughter. The story by Zidrou and Beuchot is heartfelt and beautiful. The art by Beuchot is gorgeous. Altogether, a tale which combines significance of modern issues with a true love story” Graphic Policy