The Detection Club

The Detection Club: Part 1

Script by Jean Harambat - Art by Jean Harambat

In 1930s England, the best mystery writers of the era come together to form the Detection Club. G. K. Chesterton, Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr and others gather to eat, drink, and challenge one another. They are in for a bigger test, however, when eccentric billionaire Roderick Ghyll invites them all to his mansion on a private island off the coast of Cornwall, promising to enchant them with his latest creation: a robot that can predict the culprit in their novels. But when someone ends up murdered, who will lead the investigation? Jean Harambat is back, following the success of “Operation Copperhead,” with a hilarious, satirical take on the classic crime novel.

“The final solution, given the diverse elements of the crime, was very fitting and the epilogue is endearingly sweet.” Crossing Examining Crime
“Respectful (mostly) to the spirit of the golden age of crime fiction, The Detection Club manages to be an amusing, entertaining, literate and suspenseful crime fiction in its own right.” The Digital Fix