San Diego Comic-Con Special


July 17, 2017

This week we are at San Diego Comic-Con with Jean Dufaux, José Luis Munuera and Vujadin Radovanovic! And to celebrate the occasion, we are running a San Diego special!! You can read Keepers of Lost Time, Spellbound V1-4, Murena V1-9 and Valerian V17-21 for just half the price! Enjoy the special all the way up to July 30th!!!


Series synopses


We find ourselves in Ancient Rome. In the intense heat of the centre of one of the most far-reaching empires the world has ever known, gladiators struggle for survival in the arena, cunning merchants strive to outwit each other, sordid love affairs turn sour, and along side it all, the eternal game of power plays out in the shadows…

Keepers of Lost Time

This future-fantasy comic depicts two cultures – one of high technology, the other – tribal, in moments of their internal crises. They exist synchronously and interdependently, yet are in conflict due to their vastly different perceptions of the world and spiritual values.


In a fantastical land of myths and legends, of great wars and mystery, and old king passes away, and his daughter, Blanche of Middleland must renounce her lover in order to become queen of her country, and lead her father’s troops to victory. But it’s not long before Blanche falls victim to the plots of those supposedly closest to her, plots fueled by resentment, jealousy and greed. As Blanche’s world grows darker and darker, she fights ever more determinedly to maintain a grip on what is rightfully hers. Her life’s one pleasure is the charismatic Maldoror, master of the World Below, who is wound up in all sorts of power struggles of his own. Can this improbable union survive the couple’s life battles?


A true space opera, this series takes us off into the universe of the distant future, where two agents, Valerian and Laureline, travel through time-space in a vessel chartered by Galaxity, the capital of the Earth Empire. Their travels are jam-packed with adventure, humor and fantasy.

Header image: Valerian © Christin & Mezieres / Dargaud

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