Globetrotting Viola and Tosca: The Previews


November 24, 2017


Tosca and Rinaldo are orphans. Ever since their parents died, they have been living hidden in the forest. Lucilla is the only daughter of the Duc di Castelguelfo, famous for his exploits defending the Republic of Siena. Lucilla’s parents are too busy to pay much attention to their daughter, who still feels lonely despite being surrounded by an army of maids and servants. But everything changes when she meets Tosca – a mini Robin Hood living a life so different from her own – and their adventures through 14th-century Tuscany begin. In this first volume in the series, they will have to save Lucilla from a fate worse than death: marriage to a man she doesn’t want.

Globetrotting Viola

An album in 3 parts recounting the wonderful adventures of Viola, a very unusual 12-year-old girl. Daughter of a stuntwoman and an insect tamer, Viola is truly full of surprises. Through the wanderings of the ‘Moon Circus’ at the end of 1800, Viola travels Europe, America and Asia. During her travels she runs into all sorts of magic and intrigue. Astounded by the beauty of the world around her, Viola is sensitive to the arts that compound her daily existence: music, painting, drawing, nature, and many more… Accompanied by her animal friends (Sinbad the gibbon and her father’s insects), and also by the circus family, Viola goes on to meet Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and later Antonin Leopold Dvorak. A real coming-of-age story in which art and beauty are celebrated on every page. Packed with fantasy and charming humor.

Cover image: Tosca © Teresa Radice & Stefano Turconi / Dargaud

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