Adam Święcki

Artist & Scriptwriter

Adam Święcki was born in Zambrow, Poland in 1977. He is a graduate of the architecture faculty at Bialystok Politechnic and the author of the comics: Gaia, Wolf dreams (Timof Comics) and the series The Reborn Legends (Studio Domino Ltd/Timof Comics) which presents commonly unknown or forgotten Polish legends. . Consists of the following parts „Dziewanna”, „Lewiatom”, „Szeptucha”, „Eyes for raven”. His work has appeared in various magazines such as Znakomiks (Poland), Myx, Sfeerie and Playhouse Comix (Holland), Cold blooded chillers (USA). He also contributes to the work of other artists by adding colours to such comics as Schnuurt Remastereed by Koen Hotentot, Alice In Wonderland by Frank Brunner.

Country of origin: Poland Europe Comics Publisher: TIMOF (Poland)